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Buckhead Pain Specialists offers the best of medical, physical therapy, chiropractic, decompression and massage to provide our patients with the comprehensive care and expertise necessary for injury related conditions


To Schedule Your Free No Risk Auto Accident Exam, Consultation and X-Rays, Please Call (404) 869-6400 or Click Here To Schedule Online!



  s1241408907_5860.jpgBuckhead Pain Specialists helped me in every area of my injury.  I have been injured before and I have never received the quality of treatment that I received with Dr. Schenendorf.  Dr Schenendorf's compassion for his patients is unmatched.  He even helped me avoid major mistakes when dealing with my attorney and insurance company.  He definitely goes above and beyond what is expected from a doctor.  I have never met a doctor like Dr. Schenendorf or a clinic like Buckhead Pain Specialists.              Kara Wilson


Buckhead Pain Specialists:  Changing The Way Injuries Are Treated!


"Up to 75% of Auto Accident Victims Remains Symptomatic 6 Months After Accident.  The Difference Between A Full Recovery and Permanent Long Term Injuries Is Comprehensive Care AND Experience In Treating Such Cases."



By incorporating the best of medical, physical therapy, chiropractic, decompression therapy and massage, BPS has set the standard for Accident Related Injuries.  By offering every treatment option available, you can have the confidence that you will not only receive a proper diagnosis but a proper treatment plan without having to be referred out from doctor to doctor.


The team of doctors and therapists at BPS work as a team and have over 60 years experience in diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries.   This experience is critical in preventing long term chronic health conditions.



At BPS, we like you to concentrate on the most important aspect after an auto-accident:  your recovery.  Therefore, we allow our Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) patients to treat their injuries on a lien basis and guarantee there will be no outstanding medical bills for our services.  This means that there will be absolutely NO out of pocket expenses.  Our services will be paid by the settlement. 


What if there is no settlement?  Then you will have NO medical bills from us.  We only accept payment IF the case is settled.  Too often, unknowing patients will receive thousands of dollars in medical bills at the end of their care.  We want to assure that doesn't happen to our patients.


Your Step By Step Guide To Your Injury Including The Biggest Mistake People Make When They Are Injured 


At BPS, we want you to have all the answers pertaining to your injury.  To avoid wasting valuable time that can be crucial when dealing with injuries we will perform a comprehensive physical with x-rays to fully assess all current and future injuries. 


Subjects covered include:



1.  The Do's and Dont's after your injury

2.  The biggest mistakes accident victims make.

3.  How to ensure the quickest recovery. 

4.  Why any delay in treatment could result in more serious conditions.

5.  Why choosing the correct clinic could be the difference between a full recovery and more permanent chronic conditions.

6.  Who is responsible for your medical bills?

7.  Do you need an attorney?  

8.  Why picking an attorney before seeking treatment could prove costly.

9. The qualities to look for when choosing an attorney.

10.  How to make sure your vehicle gets fixed properly the first time.




To Schedule Your Free No Risk Auto Accident Exam and Auto Accident Step by Step Guide Please Call (404) 869-6400 or Click Here To Schedule Online.

***Please feel free to call the doctor with any questions you may have


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